How to care for your Yoga Mat

Cleaning your Wild Coast Yoga Mat

There are a few different ways to clean your Eco Yoga Mat.

We recommend you clean your Wild Coast Yoga mat with a dollop of eco dishwashing soap in water. Simply take a cloth and wipe down your mat. Hang your mat over a door in your house overnight to dry.

You can also buy our Wild Coast Yoga mat mist off our website which has antibacterial properties. Simply spray the mat mist over you mat after your practice.


Slippery mat?

If you notice that your yoga mat is a little more slippery than what you are used to please give it a few practices to break in. This is due the complex printing onto the microfibre surface. We recommend lightly spraying the mat with water or simply dampening hands and feet at the beginning of your practice, especially if you have naturally dry hands and feet.